Eugene Masonic Cemetery Policies

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery, designated as an Oregon Historic Cemetery, is noted for the beauty, solitude and tranquility of its landscape, which contains both heritage and native plants. It also contains a distinguished collection of early Eugene grave markers. The cemetery is an operating cemetery, honoring the past, yet meeting the needs of the present.

The cemetery is privately owned and operated by the Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association, a non-profit organization. By law, the EMCA must place 15% of the sale prices of burial spaces into an endowment to support perpetual care, maintenance and preservation of the cemetery. As the cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is an operating cemetery licensed by the State of Oregon, the EMCA is also mandated by the government to develop policies to maintain the cemetery's dignity, safety, and historic and natural resources.

The following policies are intended to ensure care of the cemetery and its important cultural and natural resources. Questions regarding policies may be directed to the EMCA Administrator by calling 541-684-0949.

The EMCA reserves the right to change policies or prices at any time.